Dia de Los Muertos

I've spent hours looking through old photos today. Reading obituaries, searching for people via the Internet and social media sites. I rarely talk about this, but it's something that's been important to me for as long as I can remember. I met my biological father when I was 14, and he remains the only person on his side of the family that I've met. Because I grew up close to my mom's side of the family, I never felt like I was going without familial relationships, but I also really wanted to know about this whole other half of me. A lineage that I belong to. A cloth from which I'm cut. 

10 years ago, my biological father sent me about 20 photos, along with stories about several ancestors. I treasure them. And today I've reveled in them.

My great-uncle, Jimmy Lige Lewis, on the family ranch in Texas.

My great-great grandfather, Sanford Joe Pearson, holding Jimmy Lige.

My great-great grandfather, Eligah Roy "Lige" Lewis holding his grandson, Jimmy Lige Lewis

My grandmother and her siblings.
L-R: Kathrine Jo Lewis (g-ma), Roy Elmo "Lucky" Lewis, Jr., Jimmy Lige Lewis, Margaret Ann Lewis

Another photo of the Lewis siblings.

My great-grandparents on the right. Margaret Louise Pearson and Roy Elmo Lewis.

Great-grandmother, Margaret Louise Pearson, aka Margie Lou.

Great-great grandparents in front seat. Minnie Ola Brown and Sanford Joe Pearson

Great-grandfather, Roy Elmo Lewis

A bunch of people I'm related to who I've never met. :) My great-grandmother is standing front and center. The first time I saw this, my heart skipped a beat; she's short like me! My father is in the back row on the far right, with his wife, Debra standing in front of him.


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