The time I went the wrong way down a one-way street

I had a meeting in downtown Los Angeles tonight. DTLA if you want to speak local. My destination was exactly 12 miles from my house. It took 50 minutes with traffic. The building I was headed to was one block over from the Disney Concert Hall, and shares a block with the new Broad Museum that I'll get into someday after the newness wears off a bit. When I made my first pass, I realized I'd need to go around the block to get on the correct side of the median that runs down Grand. No problem, even with the gathering crowds at the various theatres in the area. 

On my second pass, I missed the entrance to the garage, which is exactly in the middle of the building. To my credit, I was looking for a lot because that was how it had been described. No big deal, I just needed to go around the block again. That's when it happened. I was heading south on Grand, got to 5th street, and made an easy left. Not a car in sight.

Not a car in sight for approximately 1.5 seconds. And then numerous cars turn left from Olive onto 5th. All 6 lanes of 5th are filling up, and I'm going the wrong way for every single one! 

Way too many thoughts went through my mind in the .2 seconds it took me realize what was happening. My initial thought was "Pull over." But that was quickly followed with "You've got time!"

I said "Shit!" (This is important to note because I very almost never swear.) Then I whipped my worse-than-the-Titantic-turning-radius Volvo wagon around in the middle of the street. It was a three-point turn. Only one car had to slow down for me. Holy moly.

I have never done that before. I hope it never happens again. If it ever does, more cussing will ensue.

The end.


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