There is a house in Oklahoma City that just went from "Active" to "Pending" on the MLS. We are the reason for the pending. I am pinching myself and doing my best to stay low-key excited. I never thought I'd ever in a hundred bajillion years buy a house without setting foot in it first. Jake's parents face-timed us through on Saturday. I still feel like owning a home should be so far off, but everything that's happening means our lives are transitioning out of grad school.

Inspections are next week. Two car garage, basement (this is big time in OK to also serve as a storm shelter), yard with so many possibilities, front porch, original tile in two of the bathrooms, original doors and hardware, ridiculous closet space for an old home (built in 1938 - Dot could technically be her/his mother), and more than three-times as big as our grad housing apartment. So many more floors to clean. So much more space.

We couldn't swing our beloved Mesta Park this time around because the market continues to balloon, but I'm hopeful I'll quickly feel cozy in our new 'hood (knocking on wood that all goes smooth to closing). We'll be one block away from one of Jake's cousins and his sweet family. That is rad.

This is happening.


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