vomit...or any other ugly word you can think of

So I went to myspace.com and got to the login page and holy no to what was there. Some individual known only as "Why the F... not" had a picture of his fully erect dingaling under "Cool new people." I guess he's not really an individual...just a penis. Anyway, it really ticked me off. I WAS ONLY AT THE LOGIN PAGE! I would expect it having gone deeper into peoples friends and such for the time I saw a girl in Sam's little group giving a guy head. I decided to stick to what I know from there, just to play it same. I hate it when you have to see things that you don't want to see. Things that are just displayed where they shouldn't be. Sometimes you can't help what you see, it happens and it's part of life...I'm speaking of accidental occurences, like when I saw a guy who had been shot in the head. I couldn't help it and neither could he. I hate it when people think they're doing something, I don't know what that something is, by intentionally exposing whoever was logging in at that little moment in time to something that they had no way of not seeing...completely against their will. I contemplated losing myspace all together. Then I decided it was not its fault.

I just hate it...Once you see, you can never forget...


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