Holding Hands

This semester I'm taking "The Exceptional Child." It deals with the laws concerning, as well as different modifications for, both students who have disabilities and those who are gifted. I went and did the three hours of field experience required at the elementary school our class was assigned to. Those were three of the most memorable hours of my life.

I'm going to tell you about the two pictures I received from two of the students there. One girl drew a Christmas tree. She had drawn it before lunch and I didn't think too much of it until she gave it to me. You see, on our way to lunch we walked together, she was using her walker and ran into my a few times because she doesn't have a lot of control over direction, but she asked how I spell my name. I told her and we went over it a few times on our journey, she got it, even the capital 'A.' When I got the picture, I turned it over and it said "To: BrieAnn." I know I tend to be overly emotional, but that meant so much. The second picture was from a girl who only has a physical disability. She is in a wheelchair and came into our class because it was too cold outside for her at recess. Her picture had some flowers and grass, and she didn't have time to draw a sun but told me I could go ahead and draw it on there. Standing amid the grass and flowers were her and I holding hands. I didn't even think about it when she gave it to me, for her to draw herself standing near me. I'm glad I didn't see it in front of her because a tear did come to my eye when I realized it. All of the kids were so bright and beautiful and they all worked so hard, so much harder than I'll ever have to work. Some had to think about the sounds, not just the letter and what it meant to the word. Some really struggled to understand concepts like that and others knew so much, but their ability to express themselves inhibited peoples' perceptions of what they are capable of.

I am just so glad I had the opportunity to go. It was absolutely amazing. I want to go back and help every now and then, just to be around them and a part of their world.


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