Yeah, so Italian Wedding Soup is really great! I have another late night infront of me. 16 hours at school, ahhh! At least I get to go home, not just walk across campus to Cokesbury, how nice. I need to be in class in approximately 13 minutes. I was at OU this weekend. The campus is so beautiful! I watched the A&M game in the student union. It was so fun. It made me really wish I was at a bigger university...that and the library, holy cow, it was amazing -- better than I could have even imagined. I almost expected more secret spaces but the "book decks" made up for it ten-fold...And all of those books! They were so old and beautiful! I just wanted to move right in and start reading them all. I'm sure I would get to all of them all the way through, but just to skim through every cover. Ha, I'm almost giddy. Well, that 13 minutes has turned to 4 (I took a bathroom break). Adios for now.


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