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So my last two blogs have been surveys.

I worked out for the first time in a long time today. Sarah Keller and the fact that I'm going to Hawaii this summer were my inspiration. It was a pretty poor excuse for a workout, but I did it...and then I had a jalapeno burger and some fried zucchini directly afterwards....I was pleased with my self control in not getting an Oreo shake.

I wrote a 5 1/2 page paper today for a professor who always rips my papers to shreds. I'm interested in seeing this one will stand up, though am trying really hard to remain emotionally unattached....we'll see.

Blankety Blank weeks of school left....I think that equals four until finals, YES!
Everyone who doesn't go to OCU, let me know when your finals week is as well as when you had to go back from Winter Break...I'm trying to figure something out. Thanks!


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