Today is my Grammy's 82nd birthday. I called her and we talked for about a half an hour and at one point she cried a little (hapy tears). I said, "You're not supposed to cry on your birthday."

She said, "I know, it's just reading all of these beautiful cards is sentimental, and being alive for 82 years is a little sentimental."

I thought, it sure is.

She had two babies and a husband in WWII. She put a new black and white checkered floor in the house on 1st Street and Mesa Drive in Mesa while she lived on the second story during the war. I can't imagine what it will be like to fulfill nearly a century's worth of living. I think it's amazing. I know it will come before I know it, probably before I'm ready for it.

On this day of crazy amounts of work to do before finals, I hope that every one will stop and send a happy thought in the direction of Betty Jane McInnes Lund Lee.


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