Red Stilettos and Matilda

Much of my mind since Saturday has been consumed by the quest for the perfect pair of red stilettos. They would just go great with the white and blue striped shirt dress I got. I saw the perfect pair at Charlotte Russe, however, size 9 was all they had left. In desperation I turned to ebay and found the same style, different brand. Part of the satisfaction of perfect shoes is sliding my foot in and knowing that they fit perfectly - I'm viewing them for the rest of the bidding time, holding out to see if I will be able to pick these shoes up in person.

I ordered all of my text books sometime last week and in addition to required reading I finally ordered one of my favorite, what am I talking about, my favorite childhood book, Matilda. I made sure I got the 1990 edition with the yellow cover and "Matilda" in red foil lettering. It is the one that I read - the one that I fell in love with. It came in the mail today. I made sure it wasn't from the "brand new" section because I wanted a book that someone else had read through and loved. I've started reading through it again and I still love it just as much. I always wanted to be Matilda but now I want to be Miss Honey to all of the Matildas in the world. I want to be the one who appreciates the special powers that everyone possesses but not everyone sees. I don't want to ruin the ending for anyone who hasn't read it...but it's the ending I dreamed would happen to me as a child.


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