I would be Ann

When people decide to call me by half of my name, they always choose the first half, and I wonder why. If I had to choose, I would rather be an Ann than a Brie. That's all.

Maybe it's not all. The only people who really call me by just the first half of my name are people who I love an awful lot, so it has become more like a nickname than my name being cut short...

I only have two weeks left at the school where I'm currently student teaching. I'm pretty sad about that. I love Northwest Classen High School like I never thought I could. The students amaze me everyday. It's like the potential of the world bottled up inside of an old classroom with young minds that could be great minds with just the right lesson. One new idea could spark a life-long passion within them. I'm sure I will love my new school just as much, but there's a certain dynamic at Northwest that almost makes me giddy.

I've decided that I want to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing. I don't want to do it, however, until that is all I have to do. I don't want to be teaching full time and trying to wring out the juices of creativity. When I graduate in May, I will have achieved a four-year degree in three years. I didn't really have much time to explore different areas as much as I would have liked because I was so busy with all of my required coursework. I don't want it to be that way when I am in a program specifically focused on writing. I've been playing with the idea of writing a piece that follows a family of illegal immigrants. I want a large focus to be where they came from - how their former home compares to being in a place they had to break the law to get to. I want people to understand why other human beings think it a necessary move to cross the border into a new country...and not just generic surface understanding. I don't know how to go about finding a family to document just yet ;). It might be neat to get several different famililies' perspectives.

I can't wait for May to get here...more specifically Cinco de Mayo - the day we graduate, YES!


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