Ears are ringing

I have that weird delay between brain and outside world right now. I think it's because my whole head is stuffed up. I haven't been this kind of sick in a long time. I slept on two pillows last night so I could breathe. Anywho...

23 days until graduation! YES! 11 days until I start my first official teaching job! YES! YES! I met with the principal at Northwest Classen a week ago today. They need a long-term substitute through the end of the year. She wanted me as soon as I could get in, but I still had two weeks of student teaching left. She tried everything she could with my professors to see if they would let me transfer the last of my student teaching over to Northwest, she even volunteered to be my advisor. It ended up not being something that could happen, and so I wait. Of all of my countdowns, my favorite is 8 more days of student teaching - only six school days. I just look forward to being in my own classroom with my own students, even though my first shot at that is going to be different as I'm taking over for the last six weeks of school. I like different...I love it, and I love the school I'm going to be at. The principal also said that at the end of the school year we can see if it's something I'd like to do next year. I would LOVE to, but there are a lot of technicalities...like if a teacher with seniority in the district wants the job. First-year teachers can be moved around a lot. I've been making mental lists of things I need to get...like dry erase markers! And randomly wonderful art and a bigger collection of great short stories to read. SO MANY THINGS!


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