No really, I did

The Creative Writing Festival is going on at OCU. I love it, I'm glad we do it, I got sick the night before it officially started. Yesterday, against my better judgment, I decided to go to one of the workshops instead of just going home. Bad idea. I ended up writing a sort of poem about snot. Yes, snot. Not only did I write, I read it aloud. I stood in front of people and read a sort of poem about snot. As far as reading goes, once one person went, they called on someone else. I got called on third. I passed, but the gal running the workshop, Diane Glancy, said to just go. I said, "You asked for it," as I made my way to the podium.

Before I started she said, "Now when you get to the podium, you must say "This is good."

I laughed. And then I tried to make excuses. I said this is good for me being heavily medicated. And then I couldn't believe it as my mouth started to open and the words I'd written down were coming out. I finished...and I'm pretty sure everyone in the room understood my apprehensions. Not only was my poem about snot, it was about nothing that the workshop had been working towards. Yes!

My mind hasn't worked in three days. All I can think about is the immense amount of material coming out of my face, and how for three days now, well today makes four, I've really been fearful of my head exploding.

The moral of this story...Don't go anywhere when you're not in complete control of yourself, especially when you'd be better off at home resting, rather than trying to tap the creative genius that is drowning in mucus.

(She shakes her head.)


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