Grocery Shopping

I went to Wal-mart on my way home from work today. It was the most interesting trip I've ever had. I went in for V8. I haven't had any veggies in quite a while, so I thought I might try drinking them. I got sidetracked in the cereal aisle and ended up smelling the best thing ever. I was sniffing at the bags and boxes...just getting colder, then I turned around and saw the coffee! I started smelling the cans and bags and then I found it! Someone had spilled a lot of the fresh beans. I couldn't tell if they were vanilla or hazelnut, but I was smitten. I stayed there for several minutes just breathing in all of the glorious warm smell. I even laughed out loud with pleasure! When I was able to pull myself away I wandered back to see if they had any cheesecake, that's when I passed the tilapia and decided that would be great. No cheesecake, so I grabbed a bag of oreos and headed to the checkout. It was there I found a teeny-tiny bag of flamin' hot cheetos. I got those too, and started eating them before I was even out of the store. So my purchases were as follows:

flamin' hot cheetos

Pregnancy is so wonderfully weird.


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