I couldn’t hold out any longer...

I bought Cora some clothes for the first time. I went to Target with good intentions. I'd heard a rumor that diapers were on sale. They weren't. Wipes were, but I don't want to stock up on anything that could completely irritate her skin. So as I made my way through the baby things I came across the clearance rack. Yep...I did. There were some onsies that I saw right after we found out she was officially a girl, and I fell in LOVE with them. They were in the "Spring" section for babies coming around when Cora is (who smart to reserve a little section of clothes for the appropriate season for wandering pregnant women to stumble across). I was so good and didn't get a single one. Today, hoever, they were on sale. I could not resist. I bought 5! They were only $2.78 each. I bought two in newborn, two in 3 months, and 1 in 6 months. Those sizes will carry her through the summer, unless she's gigantic. I'm hoping for a 6 pounder in the beginning. That would be nice. I also got a super cute jumper. It's ivory and sort of corduroy-ish with little flowers on it. Ha, I'm looking at her little section in my closet right now. It's growing and so fun! I like looking at her little footed pj's. I just got giddy...okay, now diverting my attention.

I was wondering...when I'm through being pregnant...if I'm going to remember to zip my fly. Maternity-ware takes me back back to when I was a kid and had elastic waistbands. Maybe there will be kind people who will help me through a transition stage, if one does occur.


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