Rooty Toot Toot

Cora has been dabbling in "real" food for about a week now.

So far she has had rice cereal, which she doesn't really care for,
bananas, grapes, strawberries, sweet potatoes, and a bit of honey dew.

She doesn't like eating from a spoon so much, she'd rather feed herself. Yesterday when we were eating bananas, I had a bowl.

She had a bowl.

I would eat, she would watch, and then she would dig into her bowl. I actually did the feeding, but she got to take advantage of the texture. It worked so much better than her first banana experience.

That involved a whole lot of gagging.

I exclusively breastfed until she was 7.5 months old. I appreciate the intuitiveness that comes with being a mother and knowing my child. It's a bit empowering to not follow everything "the books" suggest. I love picking up on her ques. She's my little partner. It might go back to how I felt when I was in the hospital for a few weeks before I had her. She became really real to me then, she was my only focus. We were a team in making sure she got here safely - I enjoyed falling asleep to her heart beat.

Breastfed babies are totally decent in the diaper area. Not very smelly - something like vinegar. Honey-like consistency. Did I mention not very smelly?

Add just a little bit of food...

It started with her toots. Phew. You know the smell when bean residue that has dried gets wet again? It's something like that. And it lingers. This morning was her first poop with a fair amount of solids. Thicker than honey. Thicker than gravy. Not sure yet.


Really smelly.


  1. Too funny. Yeah it gets pretty bad when they start eating real food. Just wait, I'm sure it will get worse. Whenerver Dustin had to chang a "good one" he was like Cora with the banans. There was lots of gagging!

  2. It's so gross when they start eating baby food- nasty smells and eww- just gross! I do think it's funny that right after this post you have a picture of her and the title is Heaven- why can't the smell be heavenly too?!;)

  3. Oh yeah. It get's so much worse right before they get potty-trained. Seriously makes you want to throw-up. (i used to hold my breath!) Yay for solid foods!

  4. Yay for not going by the books. What do "they" know about what's best for your kid? Yep, poop smells, but everybody poops. It's just worse when you have to wipe someone else's bum.



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