My Baby has SIX teeth

Cora has been working so hard this past week. She went from two teeth to six teeth during that time. Four teeth on top came through all at the same time. Teething equals stuffy nose. Stuffy Nose equals difficulty sleeping...for all parties in the Johnson house. She never cries, but wow, it's like we've been living with a stranger baby. I think she's even a little smaller because her appetite has also been altered. Today was better. I hope she'll continue to return to her normal self now that all four teeth have finally broken through the gum. I have been enjoying her extra cuddles.

She also has a little shiner. She fell into the corner of a safe that we were organizing in the living room. She didn't cry a lot, but man, I felt like it. Rough week. I'm sure she'll be happy that her teeth came in a hurry later this week when we celebrate Thanksgiving!!


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