Have I ever mentioned how much I love names?

Oh, hmm.

I LOVE names. LOVE them. LOVE LOVE LOVE names.

Did you get that?

I've named or had a part in naming a few human beings, aside from the one I've created thus far. It has been a passion since I was a small child. I also name inanimate objects. Or are they? "I've always thought flowers had souls."


Jake and I made a list of names for our children before we were married. We've changed a few.

Our current list:

Cora Adeline Grace [heart,maiden - noble, kind - blessing]
Jacob Benjamin (Ben) [supplanter - son of my right hand]
Magnolia Jane McInnes [flower - gracious, merciful - island]
Atticus Zebedee [father-like - gift of Jehovah]
Oliver Blaine [peace - yellow]
Phineas Steele [oracle - prayed for]
Apple Anabel Bliss [fruit - grace, favor - happiness]


  1. I think names say a lot about the person. I could never name my kids till I saw them. Ryan was the only one who had a for sure name before birth. Good names. I don't like the trendy ones.

  2. I love choosing names also- it's really fun to see how you can feel so strongly that a certain name fits this timy baby and as they grow you can see you were right! I tend to like the more trendy names- not on purpose, all the names I like end up on the top 10 list, but I never look at that- they are just names I have loved since I was little. Even Carly- named after my Dad and Darrell's Dad- her name ended up on the top 10 list because of Carley Johnson, olymic gymnastics 4 years ago!
    By the wasy we need B names- why don't you work on some of those for me. Then we will have A,B,C,D- Alexi, Ashlee, Alissa. B- for this baby. C for Carly, D for Darrell. Then we are done!!

  3. Alissa -

    I looked up the most popular ‘B’ boys and girls names from 2008 because that’s where your taste unintentionally lies. ;) I think there should definitely be an ‘L’ somewhere in there because all of your names have at least one. I think I know which ones you’ll like best, but I don’t want to mark them to taint your answer…

    Boys -

    Girls -

    These names weren’t on the list, but other ‘B’ names I like.

    Boys -

    Girls -
    Brinlee (Jake’s aunt and uncle’s last name – there are lots of spelling possibilities)
    Bliss (This is more middle name-y to me)
    Blaire (I know, I know…the movie…but whatever)

  4. Thank you thank you!! The name Bailey jumped out- I have said since the OC bombing I would name one of my daughters Bailey after that little girl the firefighter was carrying out of the ruble- I think i was a Junior in HS. I finally got Darrell to agree, but now I have a few others I like. Boy names are really hard for me- I keep wanting Brian since that's Darrell's middle name- he doesn't. I LOVE Bree, Brynlee, Bailey for girls- boys- we are in serious trouble if this is a boy!!

  5. Bailey was the name I thought you'd like most for a girl. Blake was my first thought for a boy.



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