Deco Delights

Oklahoma City is home to some fabulous examples of Art Deco architecture. If you've been downtown, you can't miss the art museum, courthouse, civic center, and municipal building. I love them. The clean lines of the buildings mixed with geometric details is just about the perfect combination to my aesthetic senses. It's no wonder I love Frank Lloyd Wright, as he used this same combination.

What really makes my heart sing are the gems tucked away various neighborhoods throughout the city. Yes, there are beautiful homes that are perfect examples of Art Deco style. And I've been taking note. I'd like to document these homes and get as much of their history as possible. I'm so curious about who the builder was. Did a single architect design all of them? I can't wait to find out. I hope everyone else can appreciate them as much as I do.

I took a picture of one last summer for my "Oklahoma Favorites" album. This particular home is on the corner of 40th and Shartel.

A well-designed home does not need gables.

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  1. And I'm more amazed by the trees! Was it just another incredibly windy day... or did the wind make them actually grow that way?



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