What I wish I would have said

I'm walking across the grocery store parking lot on my way to the car. Magnolia is in her car seat atop the cart, and Cora is holding my hand.

I'm blindsided by a man hanging out next to his car.

"Now that's a sexy mama."

I didn't even turn my head to show my look of disgust. I didn't want to acknowledge what he said. It's not the first time I've heard something of the sort. It's not the first time I've been irked, but this the time I'm tired of just letting it go - a "boys will be boys" sentiment. I used to carry rocks with me when I ran in high school to toss them at the guys who couldn't resist yelling something at me when they drove past.

Really? Sexy mama? Dude, I haven't taken a shower today. My two-month-old spit up down my shirt not long before I left the house. That's right, between those luscious bosoms is remnant spit up. Women were not created to be the object of your sexual desires.

And how dare you reduce me to "sexy mama" in front of my girls.

If e'er I'm trying to be sexy, it's not for you or anyone else for that matter. I know there are women who don't help our cause. They've fallen victim to the idea that such attention from men is a good thing. Well, Women, we were not created to be the object of a man's sexual desires. We're more than our reproductive organs and clusters of mammary glands. Sure, I like to look good, but again not for any one else. I don't turn into a recluse if my hair isn't done and my face isn't "dolled" up with makeup.

So back to the fella in the parking lot, if you think a woman looks nice, and you feel the need to make a public comment to her, don't make it in reference to penises and vaginas. Any woman should be able to go anywhere at any time without having to worry about being the object of someone's unwanted affection - in whatever way it comes across. You yucky schmuck.


  1. I wish you would have thrown a rock at him! Hope you guys are doing great being back in OKC!

  2. People make comments a lot. I think it makes them feel "in control." But ya know - by not saying anything...it only shows that they're not.

  3. BrieAnn I totally agree with you...I do not want the "looks" or eyes surveying whatever they want to look at. It makes me feel mortified and embarrassed- to say the least.

  4. Amen!! Maybe you should carry a few rocks in your pocket, purse, and diaper bag from now on. On the bright side, it's nice to know you still got it! Right? Especially on the days you wind up with spit up between 'the girls'. :)



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