Mouse Hunt

We went to Jake's parents' home in Holdenville for fall break. It was a good time. Cooking, relaxing, laughing, good weather, family, eating too much, and no, I repeat, NO mice (we've had a mouse issue for over a month now).

We got home and the first thing we did was survey for new mouse droppings. There weren't any. Wow. We'd been home for a few hours, I went into the bathroom, was approaching the toilet, heard something, and turned in time to see a mouse run out underneath the door. Naturally, I screamed.

As Jake was preparing the traps for the evening, Clyde, our mouse, ran into the den where I was sitting. It's his nightly ritual. He runs in and out of the den for about an hour with Jake and I sitting right there. He comes up on the rug in front of the chair we're sitting in, rubs his rodent face in it's shag, and runs somewhere else for a while, only to come back.

Before we left for a break, I filled almost every little hole with steel wool (mice won't chew through it). I stopped when I sliced my finger on the stuff. Jake finished stuffing the holes we can see last night (a mouse can fit through any crack/hole the size of your little finger, or roughly the circumference of a pencil) (and Jake also cut his finger - even after my warning to use gloves).

This morning when I woke up, I found one of my steel wool stuffings displaced. Oh no you didn't, Clyde! Today I will be stuffing that hole with even more stuff.

I don't know how much more my heart can take. I'm a huge ball of jumpy anxious nerves. I have a baby, and she needs tummy time, but I don't like to put her on the floor, even on a blanket! Cora likes to throw things on the floor, and I have to constantly remind her not to because the mouse might get it. I even bought bleach! I never use bleach. We got a gallon when we got married, and I got rid of the jug still full of over half it's contents when we moved to Chicago. I don't do chemicals, but I do with Clyde around. And I hate to say it, but I will. I will just for the sake of illustrating what a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad situation this is: He has left droppings in more than one of our shoes! AHHHH!

So that's it Clyde, vacate or die. I repeat, VACATE OR DIE.


  1. You have been extremely reasonable with Clyde. I support your vacate or die threat (promise).

    Get rid of Clyde for good and for all.

    Bye Clyde.

  2. Ewww, I hate mice!! I don't blame you one little bit.

    I have to ask you one question though: How do you not use bleach?!! I have to use it on my towels and dish cloths, socks, underwear....the list goes on. What do you use instead to keep things white?

  3. We had a mice problem in a house in Ada once. If you haven't, try peanut butter. Little dudes love it and it has been the death of many-a-mouse in my life.



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