Some things are better left to the professionals

Or so I thought.

It all started after I had Magnolia. My highlights were growing out a bit, and I decided I wanted something new, or old. I wanted the same hair color I had in high school. You know, when I was outside all the time in the hot Arizona sun. I had lovely wheat blonde hair with almost as light as can be natural highlights.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. If I could do this myself, I would save so much money. The color was beautiful, minus about an inch and a half of brassy roots. Apparently, my pregnancy had caused some greater darkening at the roots, so they didn't process the same. I got a toner the next day. Eh. My roots went from fiery brass to banana yellow.

My next step was going a a bit darker to a medium champagne blonde. Still hints of brass. I concluded with a medium ash blonde, which I was okay with for a bit, and then it started to fade. I still have a brassy section, but my roots are my natural color again. Oh how I've missed it. I can see the beautiful light sections (much lighter than the shade my hair is now) coming in around my face, and the dark blonde making a comeback. I never realized how much I loved my hair (in its natural state), until it wasn't there anymore. I especially love it in summer time when the sun works its magic.

As I've watched my roots come in, I thought, hot dang, I'm going to have to find a good colorist to match my natural color, but there are SO MANY colors in my natural color, it would be difficult to get it spot on. I was thinking an all over dark blonde with some Balayage highlights.

But today I came across Ombre hair. Definition: Basically letting your roots go wild. I've never been a huge fan of roots, but this is trendy right now, and I'm growing my hair out anyway. I can get my natural color back without dying my hair again (doesn't that sound funny). It just has to stay trendy long enough for my super slow growing hair to get to a point where I can lop it off again. Here's a lovely example:

Bless this trend. And speaking of hair, here is Magnolia's (and mine). She would like you all to know that hers is coming in brown. And I would like you to know not to be deceived by the hue in this light. I'll see if I can dig up another in all of its brassy glory.

Ah yes, here. On Magnolia's blessing day.

(4-generations. Don't worry, Cora cooperated for a few.)

PS: Here's my natural hair color (in the middle of a Chicago winter). Yes, I was pregnant with Magnolia.

PSS: I got pretty close to my natural color with my last dye, but my natural hair is simply not an all over color.


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