1. Downtown Edmond Arts Festival
My favorite is always the Paseo Arts Festival, but I thought it was crazy we'd never been to Edmond's downtown festival. Today we went. One of my favorite paintings was $75. It was a rather large canvas, and I loved it, but I didn't get it. I don't know why. It was a wind farm. Have I ever mentioned how much I love wind farms? I do. And I love paintings of them, no matter how overdone. Anyway, the painting was by a UCO student, hence the totally affordable price.

2. Cora rides on a Ferris Wheel
At the afore mentioned festival, there were kiddie rides, one of which was a Ferris wheel. Cora was brave and went all by herself - in the blue car, as per her request.

3. Buying a house
We're in the process of purchasing a home that is 90 years old. It's a sweet little bungalow that won my heart. Our offer has been accepted. We survived the inspection, and we're waiting to hear back from the seller about the repairs we're asking him to make. My cousin asked me about pictures. I just can't post any yet, not until I hear back about the repairs. I'm too cautious [superstitious] for that. It's a small yellow craftsman style bungalow on a corner lot in a historic neighborhood. Let your imaginations run wild.

4. West
I don't know why we weren't knocking down the door at West [a restaurant at 67th and Western) when it first opened. I actually don't know when it first opened, but holy smokes! We are hooked. We went there because we read about the vegan nachos. We were pleasantly surprised at all of the things that could easily be made vegan on their menu. I mean, I've only been there once, but there is love between me and West. We had vegan nachos, sweet potato fries, gazpacho, and "A Simple Plate of Seasonal Veggies," which is actually one of their entrees. It was a lot of food. A lot of REALLY GOOD food. We cleaned our plates. And bowl. I could eat the nachos every day of my life. Maybe twice a day because I'm feeling some now, but I wouldn't do that.

5. Keep it Local OK
When we were leaving West, I saw a sign for the Keep it Local OK card. I looked it up when I got home, and it seems great. It's $10 and you get nice discounts at a lot of local restaurants around town.

5. Throwing Class
When I opened my birthday card from Meemaw and Peepaw, I found some money. The inscription in the card said that I couldn't use it for anything child, home, or food related. It had to be for me. Well, I've always wanted to take a wheel throwing course, so I signed up for one. I told my mother-in-law it felt luxurious. I mean, it's not the double stroller I was going to put my birthday money toward. It's actually a series of six classes through the House of Clay and taught by Marvin Embree. I took ceramics in high school and really loved it, but we never did any wheel work, so I'd always been curious. I love the feel of clay in my hands. My first class was last night. I'm very much a beginner, but I'm hopeful for the potential that lies inside of me. I think I lucked out with someone who will be a great teacher. The home we're buying has an extra room behind the garage. I'm thinking a wheel could find it a friendly space someday.


  1. I like your "first list" BrieAnn!
    it reminds me of a bucket list...
    (just cause everyone is talking about their bucket list recently)

  2. Well I still am crossing my fingers everything goes well and I will get to see pictures other news there is this blog and every time she posts a vegan post it makes me think of peruse and see if anything sounds good!
    PS Happy mothers day!



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