A Late Autumn Night

I'm sitting in my front yard on one of our green retro chairs, admiring my handy work in the form of Christmas lights on Dot. She's covered in a few rows of warm white C9 lights. The big bulbs. She's vintage, you know. The front windows' blinds are open. The soft light and Christmas tree look so inviting. I love driving by homes that share their contents at night. Dot is generous. And oh so lovely.

I'm wearing fingerless gloves so I can type, but my fingers are freezing. According to weather.com, it's 32 degrees outside, feels like 26. I'm wishing my jeans didn't have holes in the knees.

Two of my neighbors just passed by. One is James. He reminds me of John Locke from lost. I like that he lives close and that we see him almost every day because he takes his dogs to exercise and train them at the school yard across the street from our house. The other is Jeanette. She has three little girls, all about a year and a half a part. The oldest, Megan, is a year older than Cora. When Megan found out that Cora's nickname was Coco, she nicknamed herself Pineapple. It's changed a few times. The last one I heard was Muffin. I like knowing neighbors. I want to get to know them better. I'm hoping someone majorly awesome will buy the house across the street.

As the leaves have fallen off the trees, more and more of the Devon Tower has made itself visible. I love it all lit up with its construction lights on every floor, and of course, the cranes. Some people have a view of mountains, others have a lake or the ocean, we have the Devon Tower, right out our front window. And it's beautiful. It's the biggest, brightest Christmas tree on Earth. Record breaking.

Well, my battery is running low, my fingers aren't very efficient anymore, and I'm still waiting for Jake to get home. But just on the other side of the yellow walls before me...there is hot chocolate.



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