Resolutions 2012

I resolve to:

1. Not Retreat
I'm going to make it a point to be around more people more often. I'm also not going to shy away from my self because I'm afraid of certain reactions

2. Love More [Be kinder]
I really do love people - I want my thoughts to better reflect that.

3. Find Joy [more consistently]
Pray more, read more, meditate more

4. Make Dot Spot my very own
During Christmas break in Holdenville, while munching on some Chinese food, someone opened a fortune cookie that said, "Those afraid of doing too much often do too little." I know pretty much what I want every room to feel like, and what I want to the outside to look like, but I've yet to get anything completely complete. I'm not going to be afraid of how much I want to do. Fear in any form is paralyzing. Did you know someone wrote their name in our driveway and dated it 1940? Someone did, and I bet they were proud and could never imagine that some day in 2011, a little family like mine would belong to what they belonged to. They did their part to make Dot their own. It's my turn.

5. Lose the friggin' muffin top that is dun-loppin' over my jeans.
This is self explanatory. Like literally since Thanksgiving my midsection has been exploding.

1 comment:

  1. I so enjoy the way you think and your insightfulness (I just made up a word). Good luck with your resolutions!



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