I Can't Help it

We re-did our girls' room for Christmas. It has so exceeded my expectations. It's not done, and I will write an "official" post about their room when it is, but I love it so much already that I can't help but share. Walking into their room makes me happy. I love thinking about the little details. I loved the planning stage, but seeing how it's all coming together is great. I think you'll enjoy it, too. (The "official" post will contain all of the information about the furniture pieces, colors, linens, etc.)

The big frame was a dreamy find. Its final touch will be individually framed couple pictures of Jake and me, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. A sort of family tree. I loved the idea at Lay Baby Lay and knew I wanted those loving faces in the room. Vaughn refinished their dresser. I am in-love with how it came out.

Magnolia found this Frenchie on the same trip we found the frame. When we first got it, I thought about painting it, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought the orange-y brown was perfect. 

 The girls now have matching desks, each in-front of a window. Cora was using the abacus (one of Magnolia's Christmas presents) while I was putting their dresser together. She said, "Look, Mom! It makes two triangles." She'd been counting the beads from 1-10. I can't wait to see what fun shapes we can make with different counting patterns.

 This wall is in-between their desks. I was thinking about what should go on it when I went passed their art wall(s) in our hall that has become completely overrun. This will be a great place for the things Cora brings home from school, and we can easily rotate it.

Curtains, beds, layered fabric pennants, name signs. I'd planned on taking the French alphabet flashcards down, but I really like them with everything else. I may move them to a different wall and put a Regina Murphy painting we got from the Paseo Arts Festival there instead. The painting is going somewhere in their room, I just haven't picked the perfect spot yet (it's a fabulous colorful streetscape of row houses in Holland).

 The heart of it all. They were playing blocks while I made lunch. I'm glad they still have so much room to play. Cora discovered that she fits nicely under her bed. She has taken several books under there to read. I think I'll figure out a way to decorate it to make it a sort of magical secret world, as if it wasn't already. (Seriously, could those beds be any more perfect? No. They could not.)

They're adjusting well to their new beds. Tonight is their second night in them. We had to go in a few times last night before they fell asleep. After they'd been in bed for a while, we heard Magnolia whimpering softly. I went in and couldn't find her! We'd put lots of pillows and stuffed animals on the floor in case she rolled off (we ordered side rails, but they're not here yet). I was feeling my way through them and then I swooped under Cora's bed and felt Magnolia's leg. She was way under there, and on the part where the wood floor is exposed rather than the rug. She was still pretty much asleep, just cold. We changed her diaper and I held her for less than a minute before she pointed to her bed. I laid her down, covered her up, and she was still snug when we went in this morning after they woke up. 


  1. You have done a fabulous job on the room. I would love to have lived in a room like that with my sister many years ago. Jake's dad is a magician with wood--that dresser is amazing. Love, love, love what you've done. What lucky girls!

    PS: The giant picture frame idea is the best! Can't wait to see it completed. Happy New Years to the Johnson's!

  2. Yea! I love pictures and the room looks fabulous! Good job.



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