An Evening Run

I just got home from an amazing run. The moon was bright, and the sky was crystal clear. I saw so many stars that it didn't seem possible that I was in the middle of a city. I've never enjoyed 45 degree weather as much as I did tonight. It was perfect.

I registered for my first half marathon a couple of months ago. It's the Lost Dutchman Marathon in my hometown. The race is on February 16th, and I'm so excited about it.

Can I tell you the other part? Okay. On the same day I registered for my first half-marathon, I registered for my first marathon. My first marathon will be the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on April 27th.  I knew that I wanted to run the OKC Memorial Marathon, and I've always wanted to run some part of the Lost Dutchman Marathon, so I thought the timing of both races in relation to one another would be good for keeping me motivated.

I've been following a training plan that I really like, though in the second week, I met Runner's Knee for the first time in my life, and it is no joke. I've been trying to keep that in check while still getting a decent amount of miles in. So far so good, I've just had to adjust a few things for the time I took off. Runs like the one I had tonight are really great for building mental momentum. I missed my long run on Saturday. I was supposed to go 5 miles. I decided to make it up today, and I didn't map out a 5 mile course before I went, I just winged it. I even ventured out of our neighborhood and into Midtown, which I never do at night. Well, used to never. When I got home and plotted my course, I'd gone 5.16 miles. I try not to think about time, that's not why I'm running these two races, but I must admit that I was a little puffed up with pride when I realized my average pace was about 2 minutes faster than my training plan had prescribed. I found a really good rhythm and went with it. There's something deeply satisfying about my mind and body working together so well.

Tonight I loved running.

PS: I ran to Evangeline's debut album, Verbatim. Have you heard it yet? Here's a sample. I know she will accompany me on many runs in the future.


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