The Day We Put Dot on the Market

This is a day I knew would have to come. Not for a lack of trying (a lot), I couldn't quite come up with how we would live in Oklahoma City and Los Angeles at the same time. I really want the opportunity and adventure that will come from moving to L.A., but oh how I love my Dot and my girls' sweet school.

May I interject?

My girls' last day of school is tomorrow. I've been feeling all along like a good cry is hanging out just below the surface. The last day of school is usually celebratory for me - no more schedules for a while (the first day is just as celebratory because the schedule begins again). But this time, they're not going back to their school in a few months. Magnolia went to play at her friend Zadie's house after school so we could show Dot. These two have been stuck together like glue at school since day one, but this was their first official playdate. M and I were coloring as dinner was cooking, and she looked at me and said, "I'm Zadie's best friend in the whole world." It was so genuine. She means it - and knows what it means. Westminster has just been so good for and to us, and I hope I'm not bawling my eyes out in carpool line tomorrow.

And I don't know why, with all of this emotional rawness, I thought it was a good idea to put Dot on the market the day before school gets out, but it's done. And we wait. I'm sending out positive vibes, and many prayers that someone will love Dot and this corner and this neighborhood as much as I do. I'm hopeful.

I'm creating this post as the the final one on the "Meet Dot" page on my blog. Did you know I have a "Meet Dot" page? I do. And it has documented various projects and some before and afters in our time with her. How we found Dot, and how we're leaving Dot. [I hope that not too many of the tears leaking out of my eyes will fall into the keyboard.]

Dot on a Sunny Day in May

Living Room

 Dining Room


Laundry Room

 Our Bedroom

Looking down the hall to the girls' room from our room


Looking down the hall from our girls' room to our room

The Girls' Room

Sun Room

Original Doors and Hardware




 Our Street with the three Chinese Pistache Trees we planted


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