Cora is 8!

The morning started with her running into our room at 6:30 declaring that it was her birthday. We cuddled for a bit before she decided she wanted donuts for breakfast, so Jake took her and Magnolia to Winchell's at 6:45.

While they were gone, I wrapped her presents from grandparents. After she ate, she got to the business of unwrapping. 

In the afternoon, she had a fun party with some friends. We did our parental duty and served more sugar in 2 hours than what our girls get in a month. This year, she wanted a My Little Pony/Equestria Girl theme. 

In the middle of the party, we had our own version of Cupcake Wars. There were three rounds with three participants in each round. Each group had three minutes to decorate their cupcake to their heart's desire, and we admired each one when it was over. 

There was pin the Cutie Mark on the pony and a few other crafts, including a DIY bookmark because everyone knows cool kids read.

It was fun and loud, and we're all exhausted. 

We watched Muppet Treasue Island and continued our party food binge for dinner. Right before bed, she decided she wanted to try on her new clothes. I'm so glad she did, it was adorable and included twirl tests! 

When she was cleaning up her school game right before bed, she went through a rite of passage: she swore for the first time. She was pointing to a map that had a rock formation in Kentucky. Pointing to it, she said, "What the hell is that?" I paused and said, 

"What'd you just say?" 

She replied, What's that, it looks so weird. 

Me: Oh, it's rocks. But how'd you say it the first time?

C: What the hell is that?

Me: Yes, that! Where did you hear that?

C: I dunno, from movies?

Me: ...going on to explain how there are words we just don't say.

I know exactly what movie! We've been watching The Sandlot. If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. I'm so proud of myself for not completely falling a part laughing. 

Yep. My girl is 8. 


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