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I might as well get this out of the way right from the start. Today at work, I was helping a student organize his essay. We'd been working together for about 10 minutes when he just reaches down and grabs his crotch.

[Cricket, Cricket]

And then he held onto it for a good two minutes.


I don't think he was really aware of what he was doing, but I was! It wasn't just like a hand casually placed, it was a full on grab and hold.

I was very professional. I just kept on talking about...oh my gosh...I was talking about rearranging. I know crotch grabs are generally about readjusting, but they're so close. Let it be known, as if you couldn't already tell, there was no rearranging OR readjusting going on. Just hanging on for dear life like his manhood depended on it. Geeze, I have nothing more to say about it other than I'm glad those two minutes of my life have passed. And his introductory paragraph was in much better shape when he left than when he arrived. That is all.

Moving on...

On the way to work this morning, I dreamt up a super freaking awesome music video montage that will star my girls and me. It will be epic. And by epic, I mean I think we'll have a lot of fun.

I just started reading a book that my biological father recommended on Taoism. The book is large, and I'm only 50 pages in, but I've been so surprised by the similarities to some of my favorite Mormon doctrines. Joseph Smith was very much a gatherer of ideas; Mormonism didn't just come out of nowhere, it reflects many traditions with a few new takes on those traditions. I've been most familiar with the traditions of Joseph Smith's time, never stopping to consider Eastern influences. The major similarities I've seen are the relationship between faith and works, and multiple levels of exaltation. It's been really fascinating. 

There's an Indian restaurant called Samosa House here. I love it. Like LOVE it. For the last several days I've been craving their "Veggie Chicken." I think about it several times throughout the day, but I haven't indulged because I'm being very aware of our grad school budget. Jake is traveling to conferences/workshops over the next few months, all of which will be paid for, but it's done so through reimbursements. We've got to have enough cash on hand to make travel arrangements that are reimbursed 4-6 weeks after receipts are turned in. Veggie chicken on one hand, conferences on the other. The struggle is real.

I'm off on Fridays. The beach is calling my name. Tidying up around home on one hand, the beach on the other. No contest.

I dropped the girls off for school this morning. I haven't done so very much since the semester started (Jake's been taking care of business in that department). I walk Magnolia to her classroom, and we wait outside of the door with the rest of her class until the bell rings and her teacher welcomes them in. Cora walks by herself to where her class lines up. Sometimes I try to run and catch Cora before her class gets into their room to give her one extra kiss. Today was one of those days. As I found her class making its way around the building, she was in line next to two of her friends, and they were talking about Cora's upcoming My Little Pony themed birthday party. Cora said, "Spoiler alert: Magnolia is going to be Twilight." [Great hand motions accompanied this statement.] I really love the way they (Cora and Magnolia) love one another. It's not always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes it's really annoying to be the buffer between two sisters. But they are special to one another. I'm grateful for that. 

Cora is going to be 8 in eleven days. I don't know what to say about that except, "Where did the time go?"


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