So on the second Thursday of the month all of the ladies 18 and older get together at my church. I'm on the "Enrichment Board" so I help plan the evening. Tonight we had a book review of a few books that we could use for summer reading. One lady's was about learning the love languages of your mate. She threw out this question and asked five random ladies to answer..."I know my spouse loves me when..." Most f the answers were that of service, which happens to be love language number 3. Like when they clean something up or leave little love notes around the house. She said that she knew that probably none of us would touch on the 5th love language which just so happens to be physical touch. She's right, nobody did. I wonder why. I didn't say anything either, mostly because I couldn't think of one single thing that Jake does that makes me know he loves me. It's an all the time kind of thing. I definitely thought about the physical aspect of our relationship, I just thought if the older ladies weren't saying anything about it I sure wasn't going to. I still blush when I have to mark the sexually active box on the forms at the doctors office. I went into the doctor a little bit ago for a "girlie" exam, and I'd been to her before, anyway, she forgot that I was married and must have thought I got around quite a bit because here I was talking about all of this sexual activity...ha, hahaha, it feels so funny to be writing this because I don't think I've talked about it at all with anyone. All rosy cheeks aside, I love making love. Sigh, that's all I'm going to say about that.


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