I watched the Majestic for the first time last night. I loved it. I really wanted him to be Luke for a long time (sorry to anyone who was me as of yesterday). I thought Adele was charming. I felt bad for her when she knew shed been duped because she let her heart go again. Right after that I watched Life As a House, which I'd seen already. I really enjoy it. We got both movies on our second trip to Blockbuster...Woo. My favorite part is when Sam is in George's hospital room, after taking a swim in the ocean, and he wheels his bed over to the window to face his house that's all decorated in Christmas lights. I like how George's shoulders were probably wet with salt water.

Today I helped a woman put her shoes on. She was older and a little heavier. She couldn't quite reach her feet. Upon coming up, she let me know that she'd lost 30 pounds. I was really happy for her.


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