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I'm a little bloated right now. My belly button is doing that thing where it goes up a little right around the "button" and then swoops down, so there is a very distinctive outline of it underneath my shirt. I blame it half on nature and half on the Oreo pie....and the Oreos and milk...I couldn't help myself. At least I went for a walk.

My summer school is on a downhill slide. I'm glad for it. Today I spent a good hours preparing for just 1 quiz, 6 HOURS! I have 5 quizzes for biology and 3 labs, oh, and 2 different assignments and the test that are due by Monday...I have one week...kind of. I also have a government test at the beginning of nest week. I'm sorry to put you through this, I'm just reaffirming my mental notes. I'm getting there.

I'm looking at the picture of my foot. It kind of looks like it's taken over granite, but it's not. Asphalt. Hmm. And yes, that sure is one of the two hottest legs in the junior class. At least its not bloated.

Jake's parents moved into the house that they've been building for the past several months now. It's lovely! We were lucky enough to get some of their furniture...a desk, a television cabinet (I think armoire sounds too bedroomish), and a chair that two people can sit in. We were going to have them store the desk that we had in their attic, but Jake's dad put it against a wall and said to go with him on it. I'm still going with him, but it goes against every law I know about furniture placement and edge of walls...I live in a STUDIO apartment! A studio apartment with two desks. All in all, I think it's charming.

I have a new favorite shirt at the moment, no shirt will ever top my "Lund Family Reunion Shirt" from '94, but this one is nice. It's green and white and I believe it says Boston Marathon on it...I got it at a garage sale. It was Jake's cousin's. It's comfy and I like the way it looks with my silky, black skirt...and the way it stretches across my tummy, accentuating my belly button...Yipee!


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