The Gulf

I haven't been able to stop reading about and watching the stories about Hurricane Katrina and the affect it has had....the affect it will continue to have. I just read about and listened to a man named Harvey Jackson. The water split his house in two. In the middle of the split was his wife. He was holding onto her hand to keep her from going into the water, but he couldn't hold on anymore and neither could she. She told him to take care of the kids and grandkids and then the waters carried her away. He hasn't found her yet.

I can't imagine being in a situation like that. It feels strange that I'm just going to school while people are still sitting on their roofs hoping someone will come along to save them. I guess it feels that way because we haven't talked about it much. I think only in one class, and that was yesterday. I don't know what it's like not to have water with water all around. I feel trapped for them so I know I can't fathom what they're really feeling.


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