So today was my very first piano lesson. IT'S ABOUT TIME! I'm taking them from this gal who we go to church within exchange for watching her baby while she accompanies a few voice lessons at my school. What I will be practicing this week: The fingering for the C major scale as well as a hymn, "I Know My Father Lives." I'm going to be an amazing church organist one of these days, you just wait and see.

What I'm really excited about in all of this is the freedom to put my poetry to music. More than being a poet, I love the idea of combining both music and writing. First song cycle, here I come!

School is school. It's going. I really do enjoy my classes this semester. I have one or two that I fear may end up being duds, but when you're taking 20 hours, one or two duds isn't too big of a deal...only that I must endure them when I wish I was doing something else.

I've been checking out grad schools. Two of the three definitely have a fast track masters - I can get it done in a calendar year. That will be excellent. The Schools: The University of Rochester (NY), University of Michigan, and the University of Colorado @ Boulder. The latter of the two are the ones with the definite fast master's plan, that's uncovered anyway.


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