Tuna Casserole

So Jake and I were making some tortellini, cheese tortellini that is - basically a blank canvas. When I was contemplating what sauce I should use, I got a craving for, of all things, tuna casserole. I put in some Velveeta, some milk, tuna, and salt and pepper to taste. It was delightful! I was one of those kids who hated the very mention of tuna casserole, so to crave it now is one of those funny little ironies.

This has been a great week. We have two years of marriage under our belt, one less apartment to pay for, and a surprise amount of money. It turns out that my leftovers after my tuition is paid for at the end of each semester have been building up since Fall of '04. I still can't believe it! I had no idea - I thought I was barely breaking even. At any rate, it means that Jake and I are coming/going to Arizona for Spring Break. YAY for the two hikes I've been wanting to go on. If anyone in Arizona is interested in hiking with us, let me know. I haven't seen a lot of people for quite some time...and even if you don't want to hike, I'd like to see you sometime while I'm there.

Last night I read about the beheading of John the Baptist. It's weird how you know most of the bible stories, but reading through them reminds you of the little details that the overall memory leaves out. It made me sad. I think that betrayal has to be just about the worst thing ever. It's an extra stab through the heart when you've opened yourself up to, well, to anything really, to a person, a belief, an ideal, and you are betrayed by it.

School starts on Monday, bluh! We're the only university I know of that only has 3 weeks off for winter breaks. I can feel it wrapping up though, and with that firmly in mind I say, "Make it two weeks!" Yeah right, I like sleeping in. Oh well.


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