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So you know that awkward time when you look up from your computer screen and it's gone from light to dark inside and you haven't even noticed...? I just turned on a light.

Some good news and some bad news: Phoenix ranks in the top 25 for fittest cities (according to an article on aol), however, Mesa ranks on the 25 worst. The Mesa part drives a stake through my heart, sort of. Oklahoma City was also on the worst side, and Tulsa made the best side...another weird rivalry between the two.

The semester is off to a good start even though I feel more connected to work than my classes. I really love my classes, but last semester they were all I had, so I was in them full force - this semester I'm enjoying the contrast.

Yesterday I went jean shopping and came out victorious! Express was having a sale and I got a pair for 19.99 that don't smash my bottom or cling to my thighs, YES!. I also tried on a pair at A&F...bad idea. I found a pair that looks beautiful on, but yeah, I totally don't want to pay as much as they cost...even though the fit would be totally worth it....they were the "Madison" kind.

So the big question (and you'd better not jump to any conclusions): Jake and I are going to name our first daughter Kora, however I can't decide if I like it better with a "C" or a "K." Anytime before now I would have been completely set on "K," but I've been thinking about it a little more and am not so firm in my ways...let me know...Kora or Cora...Thanks! Oh, and in its entirety, her name will be C/Kora Adeline Grace.


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