Chocolate and Ice

I have consumed enough chocolate in the past week to add up to about a year's worth of regular chocolate binging. There have been a few nights where it has sufficed for my dinner. I know, I know. I think we're getting to the bottom of the chocolate bowl and it couldn't come too soon. My face is a wreck! I am so broken out. I don't solely blame chocolate for that, just the dramatic shift in my diet, WHOA! For the whole time I was pregnant, I hated sweet things. I've definitely made up for that.

An ice storm came through Oklahoma on Friday. I haven't been out of the house since about 3:00 Friday afternoon. I really enjoy nature forcing you to stay inside. I just wish that it wasn't happening over a day off. Oklahoma City Public Schools cancelled school for tomorrow. One of the universities in the metro area cancelled. We're waiting to see if we'll have to go to school at all tomorrow. I'm hoping that the answer is no. The world is so beautiful when it's under a covering of white. I've been tearing up bread and throwing it out the front door for the random animals who didn't make it out in time. I think they appreciate it.

So, student teaching...I LOVE IT! I'm at Northwest Classen High School. I think it's amazing. It's everything I could have ever dreamed a school could be as far as diversity goes. It sure isn't Apache Junction High School where just about everyone was white or Mexican. It also needs some lovin'. It's sort of the step-child school. They need more books! They need more drinking fountains! The students need to read more! I know that doesn't sound too exciting, but it would help them out so much. It wouldn't be busy work reading, it would be very beneficial reading. With reading I wish there was more writing going on as well. These are just some of my observations so far. I'm just so pleased with the overall experience. I really can't wait to have a school that is mine and students who are really mine. It's hard to want to try something new when it isn't really my place to do so...not yet anyway.


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