Hit the Road

I started running again. I thought I would start a long time ago, but alas, I have three days under my belt. It feels great. I didn't get out today. The wind was brutal.

I got out the running shoes I got for track my senior year of high school. I missed them. They're mostly white. I think all running shoes should be mostly white because of the way it looks - like lightning when one's feet are in motion. They've been good to me. My legs feels great.

It's nice to not run competitively, especially because I'm not very competitive. When I ran cross-country and track, I would have been completely content going to all of the practices without ever having to run in a meet. I was always terrified of coming in last place, which only happened once, my freshman year, in an 800M race, with only three girls.

I look forward to the rhythm of a run. I don't have a long, gorgeous stride. I take small, quick steps. I hate to run slow...or next to anyone. I believe I either inhale or exhale on every fifth step.


  1. I like the part when you say it is nice to run not competitively. I feel the same way, I enjoy a good run but I especially like it when no one is trying to outrun me or feel like I am outrunning them. I like to go at my own pace amd look for improvement in myself!

  2. I wish i was one of those people who loved to run! I find that it's a good outlet for me and keeps me in shape but the getting out to go for a run gets me every time! I could never run competitively-- I hate when ANYONE see's me run! I probably look like an elephant!



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