My Little Chickadee has Chicken Pox

And it makes me really sad!

Cora had a mild fever on Monday and Tuesday, and then she woke up with red spots on Wednesday. I thought it might have been a reaction to a certain food she'd eaten, but they just kept getting worse. The picture is what today, day two, looks like. They just keep coming.
She got chicken pox from the chicken pox vaccine. I knew there was a small chance she could have a reaction, as there is with any vaccine. She got the vaccine on the 16th, and her spots showed up 9 days later. According to a bit of research I did, 3-5% of children who get the vaccine will get chicken pox from it, though it's supposed to be a milder case. And it's rare that any of the 3-5% are contagious. I hope that's true because I went to visit a friend who runs a day care out of her home on Tuesday.
Part of the rash on her lower back is eczema. We were going to try acupressure on the day her pox showed up to see if it would help clear the eczema up. We rescheduled for next Wednesday.
For now we're staying away from people, which isn't too unlike most days. ;) She's been really cuddly. I like that.


  1. aw, i'm so sorry to hear that! is jake still out of town? you're a trooper for dealing with all that. hope she gets better soon!

  2. Jake hasn't gone out of town yet. I'm just preparing myself for it. ;)

  3. oh, that's awful! My three oldest got the chicken pox. Ryan was almost four, Aaron, 2, and little Grace was 1 month old! I was a dumb mom and thought, if there's a chance they are getting it anyway, I'll just take the chance. They did, it was awful! Aaron had it the worse. He has some pretty bad scarring in some spots. Just try your hardest to not let her scratch. That will help with scars. Good luck. Hopefully she's pretty happy.

  4. Ohhhhhh poor cocoa!! I am so sad for her. give her lots of kisses from her "aunt" tori!

  5. I meant Coco! I just automatically put the "a" at the end...sorry!!



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