Sleeping Alone

Jake will be heading off to Chicago for an admitted student visit. He wanted Cora and I to come with him, but I didn't really want to make a quick trip with a one year old. I also don't want to spend money traveling until we for sure where we'll be.

So in one week, I will spend the first night of my married life at home without Jake. It has been over five years since I've slept alone, with the exception of three nights at girls camp the summer of 2007, which was the very first time we'd ever been a part. I spent one night with my cousin Megan the night before Kalli's wedding - also the summer of 2007. I keep thinking about what it will be like.

I'm not afraid of being alone. I've just never really done it before.

I feel like a little girl wondering if I'll be brave enough to make it through the night. I keep trying to squash the little bit of anxiety that keeps bubbling up with the thought of stretching out across the whole bed. And then that brave voice in my head gives a loud confident laugh followed smugly with "the whole bed all to myself." There might even be some thumb twirling, like I'm hatching an evil jumping on the bed for an extended period. [Except that our bed is really old, and occasionally makes popping sounds when I jump on it not in evil plan mode.]

Don't judge, you're not living if you're not jumping on your bed. And that's a fact, not a judgment. ;)


  1. You'll either love having the entire bed to yourself, or you'll hate it. Clint works overnights, so I'm used to having the bed to myself. I love it!! =P

  2. I hate sleeping alone! Steve and I have slept apart for a lot of nights already and I think it's so hard (sorry not to be very encouraging!). I always get an extra pillow and sleep with it. Once I even put one of Steve's T-shirts over the pillow... haha I know I'm a nerd, I hope no one reads this comment but you :) When he is gone I always stay up as late as I can so I can just hop into bed and fall asleep right away! Hope all goes well in Chicago!

  3. I can't sleep alone. I always have one of my kids in bed with me when Dustin is gone. They all get a turn! It would be nice to have a whole bed to myself though. Hey, I don't judge you. Who wouldn't love jumping on the bed! I wonder what my kids would do if I did?

  4. i am a "leave the kitchen light on" kind of girl when Joe is gone. I miss him like a big baby at night...but that big bed all alone is quite nice!! And go ahead and give it a good jump...maybe a little hop or two if a jump might break the bed!! If you need anything CALL ME!!



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