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My normally simple life has been busier than usual this past week. Cora turned 3. THREE I tell you on Tuesday. She had a cute little party with her two best friends, Avery and Rachel. I need to upload the pictures still. There are some cute ones, and a fun video of all three girls spinning in Cora's egg chair. Jake has had the computer all the time for work and school as his work computer had a whack-attack. When I do get a moment, I realize the camera cord is in our room where Magnolia is sleeping. Anyway, look forward to it.

Cora also went to gymnastics with Rachel on Friday. I was oohing and awing over her. It's fun to see what she does when she isn't at my side. I've always been impressed.

Jake and I spoke in church today, so I've spent a few days getting that together. A few days when I've known about it for over a month. I am a procrastinator. Really. I always have been. It's part of my "method," and I've learned not to be ashamed. I think it went well. Any time I've spoken in church, I've had a reignited fire to write more.

This evening I spent a while reading aloud from Anne Sexton's The Awful Rowing Towards God. I love her. I do. I do. I do. It was fun to have my own little reading. Jake suggested I read poetry out loud every day, perhaps as a way of breaking my "dry spell" in writing. I think it's a good idea. Here is one of my favorites from the book (one of my favorites ever to be exact).

Small Wire

My faith

is a great weight

hung on a small wire,

as doth the spider

hang her baby on a thin web,

as doth the vine,

twiggy and wooden,

hold up grapes

like eyeballs,

as many angels

dance on the head of a pin.

God does not need

too much wire to keep Him there,

just a thin vein,

with blood pushing back and forth in it,

and some love.

As it has been said:

Love and a cough

cannot be concealed.

Even a small cough.

Even a small love.

So if you have only a thin wire,

God does not mind.

He will enter your hands

as easily as ten cents used to

bring forth a Coke.

PS: The weather has been beautiful. We've been outside a lot in the last week. I like it that way.


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