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Cora and Magnolia both went to the doctor today. I don't know what it is about seeing their heights/weights/head circumferences on a growth chart that's comforting. I love that little set of curves that tracks how they've grown over time. They're doing really well. I'm thankful everyday that they are in overall good health.

Cora's Three-year stats:
Height: 38.6 inches - 80th percentile
Weight: 34 pounds - 80th percentile

She's growing in perfect proportions. It didn't used to be that way. It looked more like Magnolia's, except she was longer so there was a bigger discrepancy between her height and weight.

Magnolia's Eight-month stats (it was really her 6-month check, but we did it late because her doctor was on maternity leave after having twin boys - the percentiles go by her age):
Height: 26 inches - 25th percentile
Weight: 15 pounds - 6th percentile
Head Circumference: 17 inches - 35th percentile

Her growth chart has very even curves. She has always been right around the 6th percentile for weight, and the 25th for height. That's just where she likes to be. And I like her there, though I'm pretty sure she's about to go through a growth spurt. She has some seriously cute thigh rolls.

PS: A percentile on a growth chart is where a child falls in relation to children their own age. So Magnolia is in the 6th percentile for weight - she weighs the same or more than 6% of children her age, and less than 94%. Cora is in the 80th percentile for weight - she weighs the same or more than 80% of children her age, and less than 20%. More important than where a child falls on the growth chart at any particular time, is how a child has grown over time. So 6% looks like a small number, but that number has been a consistent part of Magnolia's growth chart. If she went from a higher number, like say 20% and then fell to 6%, we would start looking at what caused the drop. I imagine it works the same for large spikes in a growth chart as well.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I was in the car when we were talking on the phone and didn't get to write down the info. I will include these stats in scrapbooks. That's always fun to look at later.

    So glad the girls are healthy and happy. And adorable. And smart. And...

    I could go on forever.




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