This past week

Our beloved Staci-car was in the shop. I swallowed my pride and drove a mini-van (this particular one was classified as a midsized car) so my long legged three-year-old would have plenty of room.

I finally [FINALLY] got Jake in a bow tie. I'm sure this is something like what heaven feels like.

We ate about a million strawberries.

Jake traded in his old bike for a new [old] bike.

We bought a second vehicle. No joke. More to come on this decade long dream of mine.

I discovered a black widow in our garage. After a few days of goose bumps every time I walked in, and a restless night thinking about it, I took action. I killed that spider with my bare hands on the trigger of some spider spray.

And finally...It rained. It was a surprise. I love surprises.

PS: Cora is all set to start school in a few weeks. Hooray! [And a little sniffle too.]


  1. #1: Extremely jealous regarding the Vespa.
    #2: LOVE the rain photo. Come to Iowa...we get lots of the stuff.
    #3: You look B.A. in that minivan shot.

    Just sayin'.

  2. What a wonderful post about a regular week in August of 2011. Love all the reminders of life and how it was happening at that time, especially Cora in her gown out in the rain.



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