Even though thunderstorms have kept me up for the last two nights, I wasn't expecting them, and I love a good thunderstorm, and I wouldn't mind another one tonight.

One storm rolled through this morning. It was lovely. We sat on our front porch watching it. Oh, and my girls needed sweaters...because it was a bit chilly. WHAT!?! Yes. Surprise! A lovely morning in the middle of what is working up to be [one of] the hottest summer on record.

Mmm, I love surprises.

It was a super lazy day. No one took showers, I never put on a bra. We were in and out all day. Around 6, we were sitting in our driveway, I don't know why, and we decided to go for a bike ride. Cora was still in her pajamas, didn't have shoes on, but we grabbed our helmets, and we took off for the downtown post office to mail some forms for our scooter insurance.

I recently discovered the drive-thru [bike-thru] area of that post office thanks to Jake. I can't tell you how many times I've parked the car and hauled the kids inside to drop off some mail.

After the post office, we made our way to Myriad Gardens. This was, by far, the coolest surprise. It's been undergoing a major transformation, but we'd never actually gone onto the remade grounds until tonight. It is AWESOME! Like seriously so cool. Like what city am I in again cool. I am so excited that it is part of our downtown.

We rode home passed the OKC Memorial on our way home and stopped at the grocery store to get some essentials like soy milk and bread and bananas...and tortilla chips because they are a staple around here. People were surprised by the helmet I forgot I was wearing. I got asked if I rode my bike...[I just realized how funny this is]... and if I had something to put my groceries in for the ride home.

I walked out to the trailer, Jake, his bike, Josephine [my bike], Magnolia and a certain three-year-old named Cora who loves pancakes and decided that she wanted some for dinner. So, at 8:30, I was making pancakes, and I surprised her by putting some chocolate chips in a few of them.

I love my little family. I love going on adventures with them...and ending up right back on our cozy little corner of the city.


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