A devastating tornado hit Moore Oklahoma this afternoon. The destruction is hard to imagine, and I've only seen it on television. I can hardly wrap my mind around the scope of the damage. This tornado went from nothing, not a cloud in the sky, to an EF5 in less than an hour.  For now, I want to write down two specific stories that have completely touched my heart and overwhelmed me with gratitude, both tender mercies for people I love.

My friend Jennifer posted that her sister kept her daughter home from Plaza Towers Elementary School today. 
Another friend had her cousin pick her daughter up from her daycare when the tornado was on the ground. Her cousin called her at 3:08 to let her know she had her daughter. At 3:15 the tornado hit the daycare.

So far, all of my friends and family are safe. Some of their homes and/or cars are gone, but their lives are spared. I know what we're going to be doing later this week and weekend.


  1. I can not wrap my mind around what has happened in Moore, it reminds me of Joplin all over again. I'm so thankful for the good people that jump so quickly into action to help others and for their examples to all of us! I'm also so thankful for a knowledge of life after death- for those that are feeling the pain and grief because of death, I know that their sweet loved ones are looking down on them and awaiting a time to hug and hold them again. So so very sad!!

  2. So glad you guys are all ok!



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