Dear Jane Record Bunting

The most notable person in my life who had Jane in her name was my Grammy. She was born Betty Jane McInnes, and I can't say that I was ever super in-love with Jane because of its associations - plain Jane, Jane Doe, etc. - despite the fact that Calamity Jane was just about my first hero. Calamity Jane or Anne Shirley, I can't remember who entered my world first.

And then cute little you came along as a freshman in college when I was a junior. You were the first of my peers to bear the name Jane. At first I might have thought this was a mistake, surely this girl with so much spunk who could belch as loud as me (though I never did it as publicly as you - or publicly ever) wasn't "just a Jane."

While we were in Hawaii, you shared your middle name: Record - your mother's maiden name. Jane Record. You also declared your love for your name, and I loved it too.

About a week after I had Cora, my second daughter's name popped into my head while I was in the shower. Magnolia Jane McInnes. Fast forward a few years from that shower, and you can imagine my delight when I discovered I was having another girl and could use the name that was seemingly whispered in my ear. Her name was and is after my Grammy, but I don't know that I would have been so completely consumed by having Jane as part of her name if I didn't know you. The connection Jane has to my Grammy makes it sentimental and sweet, but you made me love the name itself.

I've enjoyed distantly keeping track of you over the last few years via facebook. The way you live your life and seize opportunities is contagious. When I look at my sweet little Magnolia Jane, there will likely always be something that reminds me of you. Thanks for wearing your name so well.

Jane Record Bunting
 [Katherine Love Photography]

Magnolia Jane McInnes Johnson

Betty Jane McInnes (Lund Lee)


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