Our Garden, a Banana, and my thumb

I've covered our little garden up 5 times since I planted it because of freezing weather. It survived small hail. We lost a few plants, namely pumpkin, peppers, kale, and our carrots never came up. Aside from a rough beginning, it now seems to be growing by leaps and bounds every day. It makes me so happy.

 Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Peas, Beets

 Onions and Garlic

 Cute little sweet pea blossom

 Pea pod

 Tomato blossom. I thought our tomato plants were definitely goners. This gives me hope.

 Zucchini, summer squash, butternut squash, and okra in the top left corner.

 Salad greens

And this was the banana I cut up on my cereal this morning. I've never seen one that was super straight before. It needed to be documented. What's that you ask? Why yes, my left thumb is double jointed. 


1 comment:

  1. Great garden!! :0) I'm impressed
    I could never do that...flowers don't last in my life...



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