A House that Makes Me Happy, part 2

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about something a little traumatic and about a house I've had my eye on for quite some time that I was finally able to get inside of. Since this is about the house, you'll want to read the last half of this post. The battery in my phone died after I took three pictures the first time I got into the house. That was not the case today. ;) Just for a re-cap, here are the original three pictures I shared in my first post. 
The stairs in the foyer and a bathroom that makes me wish I couldn't smell. Seriously. The house smells like the cigarette smoke of the workers (and it's musty enough that it's likely leftover smoke smell from the former owner who hasn't lived there in years) and the way back-in-the-day-port-a-potties smelled, you know, before they put that super chemically fragrant blue stuff in the hole no one wants to see or smell.
 The living room from the sunroom.
Living, Dining Room, and Swinging door into the kitchen.

And today...

Walking into the Living Room, heading into the sunroom.
Sunroom. There are french doors that lead to the backyard. (Covered with plastic) 
Sunroom looking toward the front of the house.
Dining Room
Dining Room Ceiling
Perfect patina on the mantel

There's no fridge in the kitchen. Not even a place for one. 
Stairs leading to the "basement."
Basement/Cellar/Dungeon. But a good option for a quick storm shelter.
I think this might be the electrical panel. Or something phone-ish? Did I mention it has all the original plumbing and electrical work?
Looking down at the cute banister
Sweet wallpaper.
Stair landing
Stair surprise
Landing with a cute little closet.
Top o' the stairs
Hallway with built-ins. The bathroom is on the right, and the master bedroom is at the end of the hall. That door closes on its own. It kind of freaked me out when I was looking through the house alone the first time.
Second bedroom at the top of the stairs
Second bedroom closet
Main Bathroom

Master Bedroom
Master Closet
Cute shelf
Sitting room off of the master. There are french doors that separate the rooms. Seeing this feature is what sealed the deal on officially liking this house. I think it would be the sweetest little nursery ever.
Sitting room
Closet in sitting room
Ceiling in sitting room. It's right about the dining room, so the leak took out the first and second floor plaster.

One of the doors between the sitting room and the bedroom.

There's a detached two-car garage with an apartment. It would be really awesome. This is the living room. Through the stud wall is supposed to be a bathroom, kitchenette, and dining room.
In the dining area looking through to what would be the bedroom. The ceilings are staying sloped. Where was this apartment when Jake and I were poor married students?
The garage area. The garage and apartment are separated by a firewall and door.
Back of the house.
Front of the house. Still being repainted.

There is so much potential here. It's a house with a lot of spunk. I LOVE the interior trim color, and even the wallpaper. If I lived there, I wouldn't keep it, clean white trim is always the answer to me, but it reminds me so much of the minty-turquoise color of my girls beds. I think the color of their beds is perfect. I still really hope that the person who legally owns this house right now will ease up a bit on his stubborn, completely unrealistic [greedy] price so that someone can come in and love this house back to life. I don't think that person will be me, but I do love this house, what it could be. It reminds me of my darling Dot. It hasn't been messed with through the years (good and bad) so it has all of its original character. I feel like I need a new post gushing on Dot and how great I think she is for a million reasons, one of my favorites is that just about every inch of her is useful because it needs to be. She's easy to live in, easy to feel my way through. She's teaching me how to live the lighter life I'm drawn to. 

So, while I will probably never reside in this house, perhaps someday soon I'll make another post with all of the renovations I would do, I mean, why waste those ideas? ;)

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  1. Wow.....that will be a heck of a project. Beautiful with lots of potential if you have the funds to do the work. And time lol.



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