Tales from the Homeland: Memory Lane

I'm staying in my Grammy's room in my parents' new home. I put several of her things away, and in doing so, I came across a few boxes with pictures and a scrapbook stuffed with things my Grammy thought important enough to keep. 

There are poems, useful tips, anecdotes, drawings from grandchildren, newspaper clippings, my Grammy and Grandpa's marriage license, the deed to the land they used to own in Eagar, the honorable discharge papers from when my Grandpa's service was complete in the Navy. It has been so fun to see all of these things. I spent a few hours this evening uploading pictures to Facebook I thought other members of my family would enjoy. 

Among all of these things, this post will focus on some of the things my Grammy kept from my high school days: my commencement program, programs from plays, and many clippings from my hometown newspaper documenting my time as a cross country runner. 

I couldn't get enough of MY mountain while I was in Arizona this time. I'm certain part of me will always belongto the   Superstitions. I've written poems about her, slept near her, climbed to her top, run in her foothills, laughed and cried in her shadow. Seeing all of the mementos made me walk down a memory lane all of my own. I wish I would have brought my running shoes this time to hit the trails. Perhaps my next visit won't be in the middle of an Arizona Summer.


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