Rain, Yoga, Shows, and a Conundrum

There's a lovely soft rain falling this morning. I slept until almost 9, and I only woke up because Alice barked in her crate. [When you've gotta go...] I'd glad for the rain, and if I had a waterproof computer, I would probably be sitting outside typing this.

I was going to go to yoga at 10 AM this morning. I've been going to another studio much closer to my home where I might do the yoga teacher training program. I went on Friday and Saturday. It's sort of hot yoga, which I have never done. One Friday, she didn't turn the heat on because it was already 95 degrees in her studio (she hadn't had the a/c on either). I couldn't believe how much sweat was happening. And then yesterday, I sweat even more. Not just dripping, which I was doing plenty of, but there were times when I could feel it running down my back. I'm pretty sore today, so I decided to pass up yoga this morning and I'll go tomorrow and early Tuesday morning before I leave for Arizona.

Yesterday's class was great. I was doing things I'd never tried before. A pose I was introduced to and finally got was "running man." When I got home, I did it several more times, hence the incredible soreness in my arms. Working on mastering new (and old) poses is one of my favorite things. I love that it doesn't happen in one session, but through continual practice moving your body into ideal form. One of my favorite things about yoga is how it's so personal. There's no competition, no finish line, no crowd of spectators, there are no points - it's my body, mind, and soul working on figuring themselves out, and in doing so, becoming stronger, more understanding, and capable. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Jake has been playing for The King and I. I saw it on Friday night and the last show was last night. The word that kept coming up in my mind as I was watching it was "enchanting." It was amazing! It exceeded my very high, sometimes impossible expectations for shows. There's only one thing I would have changed, and I won't mention it publicly, but if you saw it, we can exchange notes. It was visually stunning, and the ballet in the second act, Small House of Uncle Thomas,WOW! I could sit and watch it over and over and over again. Fantastic theatre can and does happen right here in Oklahoma City.

After the show on Friday night, Jake and I went to the "park" in front of the Civic Center. We talked for a while, and enjoyed watching the fountain, though we both agreed the color changes should be more subtle. After a while, I went and walked through the fountain, treating it like a sort of labyrinth. I love the changes they've made in that space, even if I was sad to lose all of the trees.
(After the Show...just before running around and through the fountain)

Our girls have spent the weekend with Jake's parents (how else could I have slept until almost nine). It's been fun alone time. Last night I went to see a "Saints and Pioneers." It was put on by Central Saints Chorus. I sang with most of the members of the chorus when I was part of the big Christmas concert last year. They told the story of the early members of the LDS church after Joseph Smith was killed, the persecution they faced, and the journey they took west. I was moved by the music. They have one more concert tonight at the LDS stake center in Moore (12915 N. Santa Fe), and will be collecting donations to go toward the tornado relief effort.

And finally, speaking of choirs, they made an announcement the night I was at the King and I, that Lyric Theatre will be assembling a 100-member choir to sing in Les Miserables for the season next summer, and to contact them if interested. I told Jake I would love to, and then he said, "You'll have to audition." Right...I'll have to audition. But the thing is that I don't sing alone in front of anyone. Ever. It's a really ridiculous fear that I can't believe I still hold onto, but I do. But it would be so fun.


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